News Data Network is a trusted source of lifestyle news content. Broadcast presenters, producers, journalists and editors rely on NDN to provide entertaining content which has a specific appeal to their audiences. With years of combined experience, News Data Network knows how to inform and engage audiences with topical news stories, celebrity guests and industry experts who can bring a schedule to life.  

Our team at News Data Network is made up of journalists, PR executives and individuals who have worked in radio and TV for years. They have developed a repertoire of broadcast contacts and understand which stories are suited to which presenter or station. Through relationship building they have become a trusted source of news across broadcast channels, working with media channels from pitch through to delivery to ensure the entire process goes smoothly.  

The ‘On This Day’ newsletter has also become an essential tool for journalists and radio presenters across the country as it provides them with all the major events that took place on this day over the past 2,000 years. Whether it’s a birthday, death day, concert or notable happening, our On This Day tool has become editorial apparatus for broadcast journalists across the country. 

Take a look at our Radio, Television and Online pages to see how we can help keep your audiences engaged.


More than 90% of the population listen to the radio, many of which tune in on digital devices and online. Despite the plethora of new media channels radio has become more relevant over time, adapting to new surroundings by embracing omnipresence and becoming more malleable to suite audiences which desire the utmost flexibility. 

We provide radio presenters with engaging editorial content which is topical, regional and has a unique editorial appeal. Our celebrity guests and industry experts are hosted in our own studios, allowing presenters to dial in and broadcast live or pre-recorded interviews with our guests. The team at NDN book schedules to ensure the day runs smoothly and work alongside our in-house producers and radio stations to facilitate engaging and effective radio days. 

Whether you’re looking for radio audio features, competitions, outside broadcasts or podcasts, News Data Network works alongside 4mediarelations to deliver the best editorial features supported by the latest broadcast infrastructure. 


TV has enjoyed an upsurge in popularity as a result of new technologies, rather than see its popularity erode because of them. On-demand shows, live streaming and social interaction has all supported the growth of television over the last few decades, pushing viewer numbers to the highest point ever as viewers enjoy a wider range of television content broadcast across a wide variety of channels. 

We offer TV shows creative content including b-roll, filming opportunities of events, press launches, spokespeople for their sofas and case studies where appropriate. Building on and maintaining relationships with television journalists is an important part of what we do.  In order to understand what TV programmes are looking for, we are regularly in touch with producers and planners to ensure we provide them with content that is interesting visually and engaging for their viewers.

Television is becoming a rising part of the 4mediarelations’ outlet and we have a growing team who are hungry to get engaging editorial content out there.  Behind the scenes, we have a team who are in regular contact with the TV press, ensuring we are on the lookout for stories that will appeal to them and spokespeople who can help.  We have a production team who are always on-hand to film client events and create exciting visual content to roll out to television and online platforms.

To support 4mediarelations, we create a hook that we know will attract the world of television with our clients’ stories.  As a creative agency, we make sure we are up-to-date with (if not ahead of) all the latest trends to make sure we create editorial content that stands out from our competitors in order to engage with broadcasting teams across the country.  


The newfound power of online media is unfathomable. With a greater reach, greater level of interaction and seemingly unstoppable growth, harnessing the power of the web has become the new pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

We offer websites a wide range of competitions and editorial videos to all genres. We work with a variety of websites, from Daily Mail to Your Source Today, Marie Claire and Loaded Magazine. We ensure we understand the requirements of the website we are targeting and make sure we know their audience so we are offer them a competition or video which we know their reader will be interested in. 

Relationships are vital to our job. The rapport we build with journalists allows us to build trust so they begin to get to know us and our personalities. Our specialist team of news journalists and media professionals work tirelessly to formulate strong news stories that appeal to online audiences. Journalists, editors, presenters and producers rely on News Data Network to present them with interesting and newsworthy content for their shows, giving our features a platform to reach targeted audiences.